Here I am writing my 2010 resolution, no, not an “i-have-to-have-a-boyfriend” or “i-have-to-lose-some weight” type of resolution, but a BEAUTY resolution. Not because I wanna be more beautiful, since everybody has their own beauty, but I wanna have healthier skin (and hair, if I may add). Years back I have pretty oily skin and some acnes but in 2009 if I may recall, my acnes and pimples are getting worse, I don’t know why and these past days I’ve experienced more or less the same skin problem. So here we go.
2010 beauty resolution:
1.         Drink 2L water each day or minimum 8 glasses of water.
2.       ALWAYS wash my face min. 2 times a day, especially after going out.
3.       Change my bed sheets twice a week and my pillow cover 1-2 times a week. (IT MATTERS!)
4.        Don’t let dirty hair cover my face.
5.       Do a hair mask once a week.
6.        Scrub my face once a week.
7.        Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
8.       Stop, well, lessen the oily and fried (read: junk) food consumtion.
9.       Sleep before 10 P.M. each day, well maybe exception on weekends ;p
10.      Put on a face mask (not THAT mask ;p) once a week.
11.        Consume vitamin A and E on a regular basis, according to the dose.
12.     ALWAYS clean make up (as clean as possible) esp before going to bed.

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