I know, I know some of you might hate the title but aren't I a good word-builder? :p I was lucky enough to be one of Twitter winners who were able to watch Nikicio Spring/Summer 2012 collection and it was rad! The moment the clothes fall out the door (not literally! :p) there was this chic-vibe thing going on, which seems like those black-though-personality is refreshed by the summer sunshine (too poetic, I know). One thing that really caught me in the first place is of course, THE SKATEBOARD(S). I mean, HOW IN THE WORLD NINA could you manage to get yourself acrylic, transparent skateboard? Love love love. And I tried to take gazillion picts of the runway with no hope, so I hope some lousy photos of mine and pictures from the lookbook can do this collection justice.
So the story is this skater girl with the movement, culture, vibe who is a nomad and light traveller, then again Nina Nikicio the designer, is "heavily inspired by trompe l'oile," kindly go here for further explanation, where she creates her own Norwegian knit, scanned it, and digital printed it on silk (refer: picts above). I must say, brilliant, and I was honestly speechless. With those pants, slit skirt, and blazers, what more to ask?
Head-to-toe white and black, combination of neon and grey (warning: pantless trend is going on), and of course the sheerness from tops to bottoms make my heart skip a beat. Coveted. *updated: My FAVE is this beaded tops, with those unfinished lining and ceramic details, loooove. 
And here are some lousy picts, as promised, from my camera with some hopeless editing (clue: for more runway picts, this website provides you better views :p).
yeah, I'm capturing the audience *grin.

and a sneak peek of tomorrow's today's outfit post (get it? :p)
Have a nice weekend everybody! :)

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