So lately I have been inspired to deliver a more elegant, basic, minimalistic style after seeing again and again the beauty in wearing simple clothes. So it is actually justifiable to go shopping and get pairs of good jeans, couple of white t-shirts, a well-structured blazer, and shoes that make your feet look longer because you can style them in tons of ways. I know this is not a new thing because shopping for basics is suggested here and there, but a kind reminder, that dressing less can either a) makes you look effortlessly cool b) makes you look like you are not innovative, thus boring--therefore sometimes an extra "oomph" is definitely needed.

So when you see Miranda Kerr here, she is wearing some staple pieces such as white t-shirt, leather bottoms, black blazer, and "it" sunglasses. You can easily fall into "boring" category wearing this but she isn't since she can still make her look polished and classic.

So it's official, I covet those white on white look (which I probaly will try soon :p) and as Garance said, this lady with the jumper, nicely slit skirt, and THAT HEELS (MAJOR LOVE) call for a lot of subtlety and it definitely works. 

And a great example to add an edge here, is by wearing long cardigan (you know, I never thought it would work but it actually works!), wear taupe heels, or piece of metal on your collar (do you notice it?) :p Additionally, I am also hugely inspired to start purchasing basic pieces after reading this great blog post by Dead Fleurette although her wardrobe is way too basic for me, I nevertheless slowly re-think my shopping pattern. Less is sometimes more, and vice versa :p

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