One photo taken by me during a random project I did last Sunday. Lately I feel like my head is so full of ideas so I've got to pour it into something real, no further thoughts whether it will be good or bad, I just do it. Will edit and retouch the rest, hopefully soon I can share the result here! :) I am currently pretty much occupied too as I am working for an Indonesian fashion designer for the upcoming Jakarta Fashion Week! The excitement and thrill as well as the tiredness whirl me, yet I have decided to be committed to this one project. Anyone of you will attend the event? 

And some inspiration for your eye feasts (random, I know, perhaps I should change the title of this post to random peek? :p). 
The lips and the shirts keep the style effortlessly chic. Nice inspiration for working outfit (if you are in such laid-back-dressing-office like me..)
Officially OBSESSED with minerals! They will make good accessories--necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, you name it. Sadly, I haven't found one I really like and can really afford (heheheh). There's something magical and mysterious, dark and rough, but versatile that lies in those layers of minerals...

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