I cannot begin enough with how excited I was when I perused all the pictures from Proenza Schouler's magnetic fall collection. McCollough and Hernandez have clearly set the bar high, attempting to create a new level of silhouette. Although boxy shirts and jackets have been all around the stage these days, where Proenza Schouler put their labels on are hardly ignored. I imagine some kinda of quirky, powerful, and sometimes laid back woman installs her closet with plenty of these.

The white pieces clearly opened the show immaculately, with straightforward jackets, shirts, and leather here and there, forming solid background for the rest of them. I do fancy the white shirt assemble, as the model too has shoulder-length bob and clutches massive tote. Absolute love.

What I think wows the audience the most is this mini skirt in somewhat intricate origami way, being worn that low that makes your upper body appears longer without losing the beautiful legs from the view. It is definitely hard to grasp, I suppose. Later on when I browse more closely, I realize that the skirt is THAT mini, you gotta wear it that way (if you manage to secure one) otherwise it is an exhibition going on (if you know what I mean :p). Nevertheless, the designer duo celebrates the micro mini in a whole different way and you just have to salute them for that. No kidding.

Moving on to the part where I admire the most, and want the most. The quilted jacket with textured leather. Of course. Talking aside from fashion thingy, I'd like to see it more from marketing perspectives. Those guys at Proenza clearly know how to make a girl/woman/lady covets something they have never known that it exists. So I am falling into the tricks and here they are, boxy quilted jacket that at some second I thought belongs to Chanel, will make its way to Fall 2012 must-have list. And the skirt? Yes, I need the red one for my pretentious war with life wanting something I can't have, yet.

Lastly, when they say "Asian" I cannot really comprehend. But these prints explain it all. I can totally portray mighty Mulan going to fight with these beautifully crafted collection. That embellished skirt, for instance, is not something entirely new, but it gives me sense of belonging. And the Asian infused prints cannot just be underestimated. In one elegant-dress-demanded condition, sometimes prints are just what you want to own.

images are from style.com

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