Nothing excites me more than finding gems among the crowded traffic of fashion, especially when the specific subject holds certain unique taste and infatuated skills combined with simple, understated touch. When I come across LILEAUXASHBY lookbook titled "Cosmopolitan Beau," my heart pumped. The little voice inside my head yelled "Finally!" after seeing some emerging brands lost within the sea of mainstreamed clothing that is created to satisfy the market. I am thrilled to find a brand that shines in its own way, with its own state-of-the-art pieces, but still able to capture what the thirsty fashion society wants.

The art deco ambience with sort of psychedelic colours really brings the collection to life. It is destined for women who stand out, edgy, and artsy, with the appreciation to architectural patterns. The clutches are the highlights of the collection, I guess, with the right size and unending colour variation, complemented with acrylic accessories and patterned scarfs. The playful yet eccentric vibe of it, if I may borrow, returns my faith to fashion. Someone so young, so talented can breed a striking collection without really goes with the "stream" i.e minimalism and such.

images are courtesy of LILEAUXASHBY

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