I retreat from everything too flashy, too fashion-y because to be honest, the superficial and highly commercialized part of today's fashion kinda take their toll on me. My inspiration shifts to something more understated, something I can relate myself to. Not that I just leave everything behind, I try to craft my taste better and appreciate wider creative-cultural aspects of life while I take a small step of my own to turn the mere passion to something tangible.

The idea I pitch from browsing several beautiful, simple, and home-y interior is a showcase corner. When I have a place my own I would definitely like to arrange some items to be displayed in one strategic position of the room to get me energized and inspired. This one is from an artist-designer/illustrator's space where he constantly rearranges the items of his liking. 

This other one is from a club owner-DJ's house, it is rather messy but I like it. So simple and easy to do, even he put a drawing of his kid there. Lovely.

Even your bedroom wall can turn into a showcase space, if you allow it to.

I would also want to have a white, clean bookshelves like this one to display my current and all time reads. :)

And lastly, beautiful dresses are meant to be shown outside the closet. 

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