It has been 10 days without hitting new post button, I am obviously immune to any news around fashion. Wrong. My life swirls around fashion, with capital f, most of the time I long to quest for my own voice in style. And here you go...

Kitsch is actually a German word, representing something utterly inferior, tacky, and sometimes incomprehensible. These girls come out, rather sketchy, ultimately demand a closer attention and perhaps a startled look. Kitsch is not something breakthrough anymore, yet still, challenging the definition of beauty by exposing an uglier side cannot be categorized as uninteresting...

It is rather refreshing, if not disturbing, to view a slightly kitschy editorial among other highly polished, ultra sleek, and sexy-with-an-edge images in glossy magazines/websites. Asian faces, to be more precise, are the versatile ones, I guess, because they can be dressed in the expensive pieces with flawless makeup but at other occasion the eyeliner can go a bit over, the hair can be done in such a quirk way and you have an ugly-pretty Asian doll.

image source: fashion gone rogue

Because being perfectly beautiful is all over the place... that scented edge is what we are looking for...

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