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THOUGHTS | Why Korean?

Call it Korean wave, and no matter how hard I persist the whole Korean invasion, there is something tickling in me that craves for their style (albeit not their song, unfortunately it won't betray my ears). But the whole look, the feel to it, the physical attributes and ultimately, their style--people will kill just to get a gist of it. So the big question is, whether all of the craze involves heavy promotion and commercialism, or indeed, it is really some sort of cultural revolution? Could that be a result of the world economy crisis, where everybody suddenly directs their attention to the rising market of Asia?

For the specific case of style, I guess, it is the perfect mixture of beauty and imperfection (small body, small eyes, although I have to admit the surgery part does not really impress me), sexiness and cuteness, dressed and undressed, that is proven to be the attractiveness of Korean girls. Here I put out photos from Style Nanda, a clothes online retailer in comparison with one of my favourite street style blogs, People Purple. The store, of course, attempts to attract the shoppers with exactly what people think of Korea. The cuteness overload with sometimes rather sketchy attire shows up, with skinny models posing brilliantly for the lookbook sake.

Proceeding to browse the evidence of street style in Korea, they do not beg to differ. The South Korean style really lends an air of coolness no matter what they wear, and that makes me wonder whether people in Korea can really dress impeccably and put together a desirable look. The fair skin, obviously, complements their style take so well, but that effortless factor of coolness can really account for all the crave for Korea. I think, what presented on the street here is actually what we are supposed to reflect our style to. Another hit of simplicity I have always aimed for.

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