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FAVOURITES | Preppy Pairing

Justifying myself to get a pair of new shoes just because they exist in most pre-fall collections I see is a credible act, right?

I am not going to bother you with an essay explaining why I fit in the criteria of a person who can get one more pair of shoes despite of his/her wardrobe is overloaded full with some 20 kinds of them already. Because more importantly, I am frankly enticed by how a pair of manly shaped shoes can change the whole ladylike look--and even elevate it to certain level of cool. The oxford/loafers cover the feet almost entirely, leaving the feet fetish little to imagination (I know I obviously digress here, but you get the idea). The shoes in this case, take away some femininity and inject some attitude to the styling, thus killing the notion of literal sexiness and instead delivering effortless tomboy aura every girl wishes for. Especially in this millenial era, I think we all agree that girls, or women, should I emphasize, are all aiming for that I'm-sexy-in-my-own-way persona, and this could be their answer.

There is still one problem for me.

This preppy pairing might not work for someone with ahem, rather large feet like I have. How would you let your calves being exposed and later turned ravenous for attention since they are parts of your body that are seen? But it all boils down to confidence and styling. I consider pairing the shoes with shorter skirt to balance the proportion (I now sound like an ol' magazine fashion writer--wait, I am!) or to go for a monochrome look to even out everything. And before I keep on talking to myself in this blogpost, I'll let you go through several pre-fall inspirations (the season might not arrive yet, but the style is there for us to think about, or adopt) of how to wear these beautiful babies, because possibly, I will get myself a pair.


Lanvin - Theory

Stella McCartney

Sea - Helmut Lang

images are from style.com

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