Despite being torn between choices (to do office-work thingy which sucks but I kinda need the money or to do my own thing (like being contributor? ayayay),  plus being super sleepy even though it is still 7 p.m. --here, I spare some energy to share these lovely Karen Walker sunglasses. Aren’t they rad?
The pink and orange (or tangerine? or else? please excuse the colour-ignorant girl) frames give the sunglasses playful touch plus its not-so-round shape is ubercute and quirky. It's not that I am lazy to check the price but knowing how much they cost will probably tear my heart (makes me think whether to really go out there working for the sake of salary, which sounds umm.. not quite right for me, or stick with some "ideal" way of life). Anyhow, hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do there, because you are the one who make the choice, aren't you? 

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