One of the highly anticipated collection of Fall 2011, the collaboration between Versace and H&M is now out! H&M really has a good marketing strategy, I have to say, by collaborating with high-end designers to create more affordable clothing, from Sonia Rykiel to Lanvin, and now Versace (omigosh). I have to say, it’s between love, like, and not entirely sure.. Not because the clothes aren’t great, but between the pops of colour, prints, and studs, I would rather one piece to stand out and let others being simplistic. But Versace proves it differently..
These two are from the campaign by Mert and Marcus, check out the complete campaign pictures here. Both are my absolute favourite of the whole campaign, I mean, just check out how fabulous the print is! The colours are just right, each piece really stands out and complements each other, and both ladies really wear the clothes, not vice versa. Superb!
Here is some photos from the collection, photographed by Kacper Kasprzyk. I'm really into the prints--the scarf, the tube top, the legging although I find it a little bit "weather inappropriate" because usually fall is all about dark and pale colours. The black studded dresses (esp the leather one) are rather costume-y and not really wearable except I am a regular performer or something (sorry). The black cut-out dress is my other favourite and since yellow is the new black, I will support this studded one (heheheh). The accessories are very versace-y (excuse me for using such adjective) albeit that little black pouch comes rather unpractical.
And apparently they have the collection for man too (I really have just known it >.<) but then again, I am not sure how those men will react to this. The leather jacket with Versace's logo all over it looks just fine but the zebra suit? The pink suit? And prints on the jacket's sleeves? What I know is my man will not wear them. Period. The clothes are crafted well but implicitly show some old, vintage, flamboyant style which isn't men's universal language. What do you think?

Images courtesy of H&M

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