I was looking (again) at some of the past fashion weeks Spring Summer 2012 Collection and decided to pick some similar details that involves whites and cremes. And these are what I love to see more the next season...
Both clutches are from Valentino and do you notice that both have studs on them? Those Valentino studs can really add edginess to the sweetness and transparency of both clutches, making them way more wearable, not only for nights but also days.

So I am officially obsessed with white shoes! The left one with that worth-to-die-for metal is from Louis Vuitton and the right one is from Alexander Wang. Both are pointy, which will definitely make the feet look longer yet sexier and sweet-edgy at the same time. Yes, yes, yes!

And these are some nice inspirations to mix edginess and sweetness. Balmain presents white shirt with nicely carved mini leather skirt, McQueen with the fur-like detailing and white crisp collar, and Valentino mixes organza with some vintage-y accessories. Not really something new, but it is still nice to keep it clean but still rocking it at the same time.

images are from style.com

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