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Favourites: Johnny Depp

By far, the most well-dressed men I ever see belong to those street crowds whose pictures are captured by the ever-growing numbers of street style photographers (see here and here to know what I mean). With their refined suits, bold jackets, minimal accessories, and sometimes, quirky pairing, these men rule the streets, exhibit their impeccable dressing and style statement. More than once I definitely wonder, what their occupations are--a position in a fashion house or fashion publication are two things that pop in my mind, and how those photographers meet the personalities, do they stalk the stylish men or do they know precisely where the cools hangout?

Anyway, during a talk with my boyfriend, I suddenly thought of one man whose style will suit him (hi there, if you read this :p). Johnny Depp is not only one aspiring actor (one of the most gorgeous looking ones, for sure) but also one man of a style. He suits himself in one eclectic way, where his key pieces are mostly jeans, t-shirts, and comfortable shirts, and when it comes to accessories, he implements such a formula that usually consists of a pair of glasses, scarf, a hat (rugged fedora, I suppose), and assortments of bracelets (sometimes rings as well as necklaces). Let's be clear, he looks kinda messed up, but in a good way; one rebellious faulty that streams his way among Hollywood's elegant front men.

Not to mention, his hair--long or short, always looks messily flawless. I don't know whether it is the superb hairstylist he visits, the glorious gel he owns, or perhaps it is in his genes to have such great hair but Depp's hair never seems to go wrong! The layering is near perfect, the rather-oily slicks are on the right place. No wind will fear him, because it will only make his hair looks better (LOL).

Talking about accessories...

And by far, the best "arm candy" of Mr.Depp, the gorgeous Vanessa Paradis.

images are from tumblr, google search, and eonline

P.S: Style Talks will be one of occasional menu that will appear on this blog #concept-recooking :p 

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