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I Wore: Lime

Opted for a simple, cleaner look (as lately I have almost always opted for such silhouette) for a night out with parents and their friends (yes, their). The whole mix-and-match thingy that evening was sort of organic--took the dress as the focal piece, then found the bow inside my accessories drawer, gracefully added casual touch with flats and obviously, grabbed one of my clutches. The dress is one of my recent purchases, I can still clearly remember that day I insisted on looking for vibrant coloured skirt but instead I stumbled upon this lovely lime dress. Been thinking of other ways to pair it, most probably with blazer, jacket, or event pants :p

On a more essential note, the predicted colour of 2012 is apparently tangerine tango and you know what, it is my least flattering colour (you must have known it if you follow my twitter, promotional, I know but who else will promote me beside me?--rhetorical tone always wins, okay, almost). The orange hues are not really my best friends, wonder whether it is because of my skin tones or simply my taste. Yet, here refinery29 put together a classy colour choice for Spring, sadly, lime is not included, but every other palettes that I love are there--all sorts of pastels (cotton candy, lavender, beige), cyan (or what I call it, striking green-ish blue in its finest tone), and mint.

Have a sweet end of 2011 everyone! :)

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