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I WORE: Flowery Red

Still, no other place to take photos so I end up in the same corner where I first saw you. It was the laid back version of Chinese New Year of me and my family so expect no Cheongsam or any traditional clothes. We simply went out eating, received Ang Pao, and enjoyed the rest of the day lounging at home. As a matter of fact, my Chinese speaking skill is so far near zero--as my parents do, but it is in our blood and in our appearance, we do look like Chinese but then I am proudly say that I am an Indonesian.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading my blog, and I am currently working on a self-initiated project called VOCIFEROUS. It takes form of a publication where personal voices are highly regarded, with highlights in culture and style. It will officially be launched by the end of February, but the coming soon page is already there! You can have a say via twitter or contribute your writing there. Happy Friday all!

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