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It is another fashion parade, the cycle that rolls every year, and this time it is menswear turn. I didn't really get the chance to browse each and every single collection but I saw these two eye-catching details that I have not expected before. Celine has clearly pioneered the use of printed blouse matched with printed pants the past season, but apparently the influence has spread.

It is Miharayasuhiro, a brand originated in Japan, that elevates the military look to a whole different level. Military prints are transformed into something polished, sharp, and youthful, accentuated with clean cutting and fitted silhouette. I have to say, it takes some guts for men to put those on, but it can give unusual touch for formal-slash-funky party.

Dries van Noten, on the other hand, takes whimsical tour with the prints, with those psychedelic drawings on the suits. I am not sure anyone can pull these offs (besides the usual fashion crowd and front-rowers, of course) since it is rather, um, wild. Domination of dark green and orange hues gives a 70s flamboyant feeling to it, putting it on a risky business of men's tailored suits.

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