I WORE: Hints of Black

Been up to writing these times and been thinking about cutting my hair. The texture of my hair is not the easiest one to work with but I am kinda bored with the similar style all over again. To be honest, I miss my bob hair although at the moment I am thinking more to the side of long bob. Thankfully, Le Fashion has created an inspiration post about medium hair and I really think that this is a sign from the universe ;) Anyway, dear sister was kind enough to take my pictures--obviously a bad hair day so I decided to make it into a bun.

Can't get enough of blazer, clutch, and currently into the colour black. You can barely see black in my wardrobe but this shirt is another gift from my sister (thanks sis!), and makes me rethink my decision not to wear black. The subtlety and uniformity of it sort of call my name to pull it off.

Off to see Gaultier couture now :)

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