With deep vocal, clever lyrics, and jazzy blues melody, Amy Winehouse is one of my all time favourites who sadly, left too soon. Her song has accompanied me through the hardships of life and her powerful message behind her songs has brought me calm soul. When the extraordinnaire, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to base his entire 2012 couture collection on Winehouse's take on fashion, I couldn't help but wonder. How would he interpret the sassy, sometimes wacky style of the jazz singer into something authentic and detailed like haute couture?

It was nevertheless far from disappointing. I admire how Gaultier manifests the beehives, tiny waist, and rebellious avant garde style of Amy to something peculiarly beautiful. The tuxedo combined with sequined corset and those white polo dress pay a respectful tribute to the singer, and to fashion.

"There was also a dishabille edge, with necklines draping asymmetrically, jacket slipping off shoulders, and bosom bursting ripely forth," Tim Blanks described. I am kinda excited to see a lot of black on the runway, especially when it is treated this way. Intriguingly perfect.

images are from style.com

Went all crazy about little details, can't really imagine how Amy would wear these. She will rock it all for sure!

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