Is it Saturday already? For someone who has to make up her mind soon about which occupation(s) she will take, this week has fled on lighting speed--which is an exaggeration, but I do really think that I need more time for everything. Sigh. Obviously my indecisiveness has come in a way, though I feel thankful for being that extra careful person when it comes to making decision. Life is all about two sides of a coin, although so far I have not really seen positive coin side of Jakarta's beyond horrible traffic (come and try for yourself) ;) Enough with the ramble, this time I warn you that the Saturday Remix will consist of future plans and will be closed with one of the best female voices you ever hear. *emotional post is on its way

I have heard it somewhere that, if you keep on repeating what you want, dreaming about it night and day, writing it on a piece of paper, praying for it to happen, and basically LIVING that utopia life you desperately crave for, you will soon get it. Honestly, that soon part requires more--more effort, more seriousness, more commitment, more patience, more endurance, which are not so easy when those hurdles, questions, and tough choices stand in a way (notice how I type so many "way"? not deliberately but I am just having way too many pieces of thoughts ready to explode). Reflecting that principle in my life, writing has been a dear interest of me, where once I pour words and thoughts into meaningful, inspirational, intriguing piece, satisfaction is simply derived out of it; same thing happens as I meet new lovely people or discover "hidden gems." So here is my tonight's prayer:

Dear Universe, I am beyond thankful to have an amazing opportunity to live. I believe that I can be that one hell of a writer and entrepreneur, living that life as an owner of one rad publication and or a fashion/art/lifestyle/culture contributor for a handful of influential publication and travelling around the world to meet amazing talents, witness the beauty of the world, and achieve freedom. Around my loved ones, the dearest people to engage enthusiastic souls in my journey. For I want to leave a mark and simply enjoy each and every moment I have. Amen.

To close this rather-spiritual post, a song from a woman named Sugar Pie Desanto. Not just another woman, she is the one that carries massive talents in singing, dancing, and being witty, she lights that carefree, cheerful, badass attitude in blues. Even until now that she turns old, she still ROCKS it. Watch and learn.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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