Seen on the street: all pretty ladies dressed up (and down) in collars. Perusing tons of street style photography has been my guilty pleasure--where I find myself continuing clicking older post or next page despite the fact that I should probably working on something else my project. The story this time is divided into two parts: the peeked collar and the jewel around the collar.

It is a classic approach for plenty preppy girls (or ladies) out there, to grab their most basic shirt and throw a sweater over it, especially during warm weather. Lesson of sweater over shirt I learn here is, the combination can go from boring to effortlessly chic to exciting. With a pair of shorts, an oversized shirt, a pair of oversized glasses, a denim collar peeked out, and jewelry around the collar, it is actually not that hard to still look cool in sweats.

I never really button my shirt up all the way, but the idea of wearing stand-out necklace (or even the chunky ones) around the collar is pretty intriguing. The length of the necklace is one factor I am considering, since it has to fall not too far from my upper button. Besides, I also don't want to look too formal with my buttoned shirt, but how these two ladies wear theirs, just in the proper balance of chic which makes this second part of the story worth to try (means I am picturing which outfit pairing I would probably wear next, right now :p). 

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