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As Saturday is the time to lounge or laze around, I find myself busier on this day--meeting friends, learning (more) German, and working on my project (which I am excited yet anxious about). Life has indeed taken another turn for me but I would not give up so easily. Enough with the ramble, I am stumbled upon this marvelous (another) pre-fall collection by Prabal Gurung. I mean, man, he's still a newcomer but his collections are almost always impeccable, delivering that je ne sais quoi within the prints, cutting, silhouettes, and even the styling.

images are from vogue.com

And.. two RnB songs that I recently hear and love.. I used to listen to this kind of song a while ago, but later I have been pretty much in search of alternative music and sort of resistant to "popular" music, anyway just listen yourself and decide which one you like better.

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