Apart from some buzzes about the film, how intriguing and deeply mesmerizing the film is, MELANCHOLIA for me is...simply painful to watch. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the idea of depressed people when the apocalypse draws closer, but for me the execution falls rather bland. I don't ignore the fact that the visuals are brilliant, the setting--that small castle with golf field and small wood surrounds, is perfect for such drama but the plot and charaterization falls rather predictable. And that hand-camera work during the party scene, simply.makes me.dizzy.

The story line of two sisters who look nothing like each other, who both face somewhat-different-somewhat-similar depression in a series of events just before the apocalypse happens. The apocalypse itself, is due to a planet named Melancholia who approaches the Earth and finally hits it. Kirsten Dunst plays the role of one sisters who celebrates her wedding in her sister's castle. Charlotte Gainsbourg, plays another sister's role, takes care of the whole celebration who has slowly become depressed towards the planet hit. The trailer, for your viewing pleasure...

So further, 5 lessons to learn from this movie:

1. Stay with your groom during YOUR wedding day, otherwise you may end up depressed because he's leaving you.

2. Do not leave your wedding party and take a bath, just when you and your groom are about to cut your wedding cake. The guests may not really notice since what they are waiting for is most probably the toast and dance, but you might still upset someone.

3. Embrace your last days with your loved one, if the planet is about to hit, stop looking at your expensive telescope and don't be panicked. Suicide is NOT suggested.

4. Don't take your golf cart to go through the woods, it may not work as well as it is in the golf field. (This is one important advice especially if you take kids with you).

5. It is probably awkward to watch your sister nakedly moon-bathing, so if she is sane, just let her be. If she is depressed, kindly help her dress.

One more positive note on Melancholia, beside its immaculate visual, is the beautiful wedding dress and the laid back, simple dressing that suits the characters. And lastly, the intriguing, 7 or so minute-opening, the best part of film I think...

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