Adjusting to my chill mood today, I brush up some New York Fashion Week most recent looks whilst listening to Phoenix. Oddly enough while I was driving this morning to my German course, the radio played this 1901 number, which makes the whole day feels a little bit better. For your information, Saturday traffic in Jakarta can be so disgustingly messy with careless drivers here and there, so a good song can be a massive help for me--to reduce the whole perennial stress over constant driving in numerous traffic jams.

For a fashion week warm up, I present you some mundane look from Rachel Comey's. The designer who initially started by designing menswear still clearly presents the ease and laid back characteristics of the clothes. I initiated a peek through her previous Spring/Summer collection for more references. Though nothing is really breakthrough here, I quite enjoy the no-fuss look, with well structured blazers, fitted pants, and some breezy dress. For a while I forgot that it is actually a fall look, destined to be worn during chilly weather. The shoes is another pitch for me--thick soled keds, that deliver some casual feeling.

While Comey's past Spring/Summer collection or to say, the one that fills the racks in her store right now, gives similar simplicity sense through the clean cutting and print play. Totally wearable, so now I have to pick  which look I would want to be inspired with for this weekend :p

images are from style.com

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