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I WORE: Stripy Pastels

That feeling when you can pull off a pair of items that you have barely worn, is what I feel today! The top is last year's birthday gift from my sister and the dress (yes, it is not a skirt, it's a dress! :p) is Christmas purchase around three years ago, both rarely come out of my closet because I simply have no idea how to mix these two. Later the sweet pastel palette of spring reminds me of them, although there is no spring in Indonesia (we have the sun throughout the year, OYEAH). Lie. I want spring. Like, seriously.

The ribbon knot at the back side is surprising yet lovely. I am definitely thinking about wearing this again some time soon...

Another details... and I have just realized that some of the items I wore today are gifts! The bird rings, the two watches, the bag, and the top, all are pretty little things that brighten my day constantly :)

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