For a couple of months I have been working on making a publication idea comes true, and it is finally here! Expect no flashy stuffs or any hot news, because the spirit of this publication is to liberate the reader's mind, to highlight ideas, inspirations, initiatives--something that dims in the midst of most people's chaotic lifestyle. In VOCIFEROUS, the name of the website (or magazine, or journal, or publication, depends on how you categorize it), there are no time limitation--you can read it anytime and you will still probably be able to relate to it.

For the month of March, VOCIFEROUS will discuss all things related to apocalypse--from piece of thoughts, to music, to interview, to many other things--the possibility is endless. The highlight is culture and style, and the theme will continually be renewed each month.

Give it a try here, and if you wish to contribute, get more information over here.

P.S: I am no longer excited to crash over the fashion week thingy, I do think there are some lacks of genuine feelings and original inspirations which are supposed to stay within the collection. Still, I salute Raf Simon's last collection for Jil Sander and probably come back around to skim the rest of the shows.

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a culture and style publication

a culture and style publication
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