THOUGHTS: It Ain't A Parody

So I have my hair cut into shoulder-length bob, no big deal. It does somehow make me rethink of my existence. Whether certain haircut influences someone to hire you, whether certain haircut is highly regarded in certain industry. For once it started as a blabber, I rethink my whole staged performance called life. And the fact that I am so into fashion and currently--journalism on wider scope, makes me re-evaluate what it is actually going on out there--whether I am playing in my own kind of utopia of how world actually is. If you manage to read this far, let me simplify things for you, I'd rather stand against consumerism but cannot deny the fact that I am drawn into those pretty laces in Valentino, magical world of Louis Vuitton SS2012, those dose of street style that keeps on inspiring me, and so on and so on. Hypocrite? I would rather say flexible :p

a scene at Topshop Unique SS 2012, shot by krisatomic

The industry that has fed enormous amount of people, from prominent editors, designers, stylists, to the new breed of bloggers, is for me an excitement yet at times it feels phony. I am clearly not an insider (yet) but to see fashion that has initially started by two obvious reasons: to dress people or, at the extreme side, to create something aesthetic, is slowly contaminated with immense business pleasure, is sort of saddening. It definitely grows fast, even at a speed that is hard for a handful insiders to keep up with, but for me personally, I want to preserve some kind of value. What actually lies there, something that is called style. My silly heart cannot really justify the growing "trend" of grabbing branded stuffs ferociously and cliche world of luxury. There must be some kind of brain in it. I am not saying that it is all full of phonies and attention seekers, because tons of inspiring, determined, creative personalities are clearly still there, which is why I stay to seek more.

A silly yet sarcastic video that has gone viral in youtube inspired me to write this post. Enjoy :)

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