Perking numerous collections with vast range of glamorous, detailed, structured, and sometimes mind-blowing clothes that are (still) out of my reach while attempting to judge whether they are beautiful or not, wearable or not, etc etc is perhaps no longer my thing. I have considered it for a while, for which purpose I write continually here, but later I cut the crap out. This is my journal, and it is definitely up to the readers (you!) to decide whether you like it or not, at least I am being honest. I am still far from expert but at the very least I can form my own opinion besides merely saying "Cute!" or "Wonderful!" or "I love it!" which are just boring for me.

Moving on to the "flair" subject this time, though previously I have shared stories of some beautiful ladies with inspiring style and backgrounds, I stumbled upon another heartwarming story about Paul Smith. He owns and designs both womenswear and menswear line since 1976 after leaving a professional cyclist career at the age of 17. Who would have thought that he would be one talented designer back then?

Reading his story, I have fallen for the part that he keeps his life and his family's life so simple, moderate, while still surrounds himself with plenty of creative stuffs and art. Refusing to be called "Sir" despite the given title, he sharpens not only his immaculate tailoring but also his relationships with his employees. I am personally into his designs, which transforms the menswear--shirts, pants, jackets, and loafers into pieces that accentuates minimal yet well structured features of womenswear.

Mr. Smith also apparently pays regular visit to Japan as his business owns around 200 stores there with over 1,000 staffs. His humble and caring manner leads him to visiting his employees during the tsunami phase in Japan. Bringing the essence of simplicity and charismatic nature of a tailor as well as an aspiring designer, Paul Smith is one figure in fashion that stays true to himself and his visions, with everlasting appeal within his collections.

images are from Financial Review and Style.com

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