For most girls/women, it is no easy job to get dressed in the morning: they open their wardrobe with piles of clothes but they are still clueless about which one to put on. The brilliant ones have planned the outfit the night before, but sometimes last minute changes take place. I fall somewhere between the brilliant ones and the clueless ones--at times I plan what I want to wear properly, but not seldom I rush to decide which outfit works.

But this one is another story, actually. Seeing the emerging numbers of women who dress so easily while still maintain the "killer" look makes me really envy. In fashion, it is called minimalism, where the outfit worn is actually plain simple--not much of layers and patterns, with emphasis on structure, wearability, and fluidity of the pairings. There is sense of relax and no fuss attitude in which the ladies still manage to present themselves elegantly or edgy. I definitely want both!

Black and white. Perfect stilletos. A touch of leather. The formula of dressing minimal are those three, I think, but I am personally not quite ready for wearing stilleto(s) around--or perhaps it is because I haven't found the perfect pair yet. I still have to admit though, I am that one person who loves wearing tons of different stuffs, especially if it works--so the option of being "minimal" will arise when I feel like I have nothing to wear. I would probably pull my white t-shirt with some skirts or pants. Which makes me question, is minimalism some kind of style or options for those who are clueless-slash-lazy to pick clothes? I say, it can be both.

The best I want to achieve is something near the gorgeous look of Liu Wen: comfortable (no stilleto but instead a pair of manly loafers) but still edgy (the Alexander Wang bag and that asymmetrical skirt). Are you with me?

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