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I WORE | Zig Zag

It was quite spontaneous to play around black and white when I pulled this Monstore t-shirt from my wardrobe. The t-shirt has become my saver--when at the very last minutes you develop a sort of dislike feeling towards your outfit and later a particular item saves the day... Yes, this versatile white t-shirt is ultimate piece for me. The skirt is from my little sister (I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I am to be able to raid my sisters' closets sometimes, since you know, a girl with full wardrobe of clothes can STILL find nothing to wear). On a further note, black and white can apparently be exciting when you play with patterns and prints: I am the living proof of it.

On another note, I didn't wear any make up on these photos, not even powder/BB cream/foundation, so perhaps you see me rather pale but I have been meaning to reduce tons of make up (not that I use that much anyway) and edit the photos less. Except my hair in this shoot, I have just returned from a hair treatment. :p

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