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ON RADAR | White Wash

From dark palette to bright neon to print bomb, now it is time for clean silhouette in white to take over. Sure, there is something inexplicably simple and airy about white, especially since the spring is coming, so the whole bright colours can finally make their way out of the closet. Yet it never really occurs to me to wear white assemble, since I constantly switch to darker tone of white (if anything is ever called that way), say, broken white or cream. The vulnerability of the broken white wins me, but white itself is sometime just...too plain.

This bicycle changes my mind.

So let's talk about clothes. I don't worship white blazers because they are too similar with what the doctors in the hospital would wear, but this girl (Coco Rosa) nails it. And I don't worship white skirts either since they remind me of the nurse. Nevertheless, with the right styling and killer sense of style, you can still pretty much rock those two items, and I think that sheerness appears as one key element in both of these looks. White and sheer? Hmmm...

Now, for the look I will opt for. Straightforward, laid back style is win-win for me. A light blouse paired with white jeans and minimal accessories. I would also want to wear white shorts, white leather jacket, and white sneakers--perfect combo. The room for simplicity and playfulness is essential to my dressing, while I try to stay true to my style. So, adopt the white, but take it a little further to your personality.

And, something to consider: white shoes. Yay or nay? It is hard personally for me, not to look tacky in white shoes, but these pair seems reliable. I guess white shoes are made especially for wedding, but if you can rock it, who cares? I haven't thought that far, though.

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