Bag that serves not only as a fashion statement, but also rich in aesthetic design--if I may say, is the nonchalant charm that Issey Miyake's Bao Bao line carries within its personality. I stumbled upon these distinguished arm candies after their many appearances in street style photographs, hanging effortlessly cool yet intriguing. The Japanese designer, Issey Miyake, with his brilliance in combining fashion with design technology has successfully translated what 21st century coolest kids need in these babies, I have to admit.

Though the construction of the bag is fairly simple, the concept is actually to provide busy modern lifestyle with new dramatic shapes. It is fold-able and to my observation, it looks like a beautiful giant prism. I am guessing it is also waterproof due to the shiny exterior. Furthermore, these prismatic bags come in various colours and shapes--even they have a rucksack version! So I need to add this in my future purchase list while crossing my fingers they are still in the market by the time my finance status is superior.

Head over to Japan to see this dreamy racks (and grab one! and deliver one to me! :p)

images source: www.isseymiyake.com

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