When I decided to change the direction of my blog into something more personal, so far, I guess I have just made it a little more crafted with occasional selections of favourites, on radar, et cetera et cetera (you can see the categories bar) without really go there and talk. So instead of talking yet again about various fashion magnets I discover with the aid of the internet, this time I want to share more thoughts/opinions about, well, woman.

As more and more sites offer a peek into certain figure's closets and personal styles, the "menu" HER FLAIR is something I created to share with you, what kind of woman caught my attention and what lessons--either in terms of style or story can we learn from her. What actually makes people drawn to certain individuals, and what causes it? It is a tough question to answer, because the parameter isn't clear. And more than often, I question myself about what kind of woman I want to be and slowly sink into forming people's opinions about me instead of focusing on my direction.

Relinquishing dreams and hopes are most certainly things I hinder myself of though the reality plays it kinda harsh on me. While for this very moment my passion lies in writing and adventuring, dealing with everything fashion, culture, and creatives, I have to admit that I am afraid of failure. I have been spending enough time perusing various articles of successful woman figures in the industry and (not so) secretly hope to be like them but when it gets tough, questioning is becoming my thing.

I stopped by this tumblr and this great quote, so I think you all shall know,

Back to the question on the title, What Kind of a Woman are You? I can proudly encourage myself and you all: a woman who has self determination, who will fight for what she believes, who knows how to be strong yet sensitive at the same time, a woman with whom someone can share intellectual wisdom, passionate dreams, and a long adventurous life. How does that sound?

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