ON RADAR | Bare Feet?

The notion of fetish has widely understood as praise and often, unhealthy amount of love for certain objects. Though I don't intend to journey into fetish sides of fashion (yet), my latest observation of the ongoing trend leads me to transparent shoes. It is actually an interesting pick for me, as around two years ago I owned a pair of plastic shoes that invited both praise and mock--I remember clearly that my sisters used to call them "steam shoes" because of my feet perspiration (ew, I know, but you should really try wearing plastic for your feet and you'll understand why).

The above image is my shoes that I no longer own, in fact, I have thrown it away since they were broken when I had to chase train two years ago in Germany. Sad. I have just visited the website but unfortunately, they no longer produce these babies...

On a more cheerful note, Sea of Shoes had these fluorescent mesh Cheap Monday flats delivered to her, how lucky! The pretty colours and pointed shape definitely alluring, especially to someone with rather round feet like me, yet I question whether the material is waterproof. I don't fancy wet feet.

While these two transparent footwear is the latest from Spring 2012 runway, I have to admit that I quite admire how classic they can appear. The 3.1 Phillip Lim open toes (above) do seem comfortable and super-wearable while the Maison Martin Margiela slip-ons (below) play a decent trick of unseen heels (and foot covers). I am trying to recall during which period women toy with transparent footwear but I can't recall one specific fashion boom time. These two spell retro, no?

Lastly, my all-time favourite plastic-breed shoes: Prada Spring Summer 2010. The heavy crystals on the surface with a solid mid-high heels really kill the look of it--feminine and eclectic, rather sleek and quite visionary pieces, one luxe item I long to have. Guess this season is about flesh tone and I don't even mind to have a sweat or two as long as I can walk (almost) bare feet.

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