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THOUGHTS | Words vs Pictures

From this opening up straight, I warn you that this post might turn out to be rather like a whining post and thus I am not responsible for further thoughts and or critics. Let's talk about life. Or rather specifically, the world of blogging and journalism. Though there are already plenty of debates on whether a blogger can be called a journalist, I put my rebuttal aside and see the recurring trends in the world of those two.

Olivia Palermo's blog when I visited it

I have (not so) recently stumbled upon the blog of the notoriously stylish Ms. Olivia Palermo, and I have to admit that I am rather disappointed. Just to make it clear, that I am perhaps not the ideal candidate to judge someone's blog since I am no expert in blogging (who is an expert in it anyway?) but this is just my honest opinion: I don't get it. Ms. Palermo is someone that has killer taste in fashion and also killer personality, judging from her exterior yet what you will read there are plenty of well trained contributors giving various stories with her picture up front instead of Ms. Palermo herself puts her own styling tips. She simply posts various looks of her outfits with a sentence or two, and sometimes even a mere phrase.

This quick judgment (as I leave the website soon due to lack of interest) makes me realize how the term fashion blogging has such a wide definition, and nothing is really firmed. It is not rare these days to see a handful of "successful" bloggers who rely their achievement on day-to-day outfit photos. I don't say that it is bad, however, I do learn that the readers usually prefer to look at pictures rather than read the paragraphs. So far, standout bloggers with witty writing skills are only Man Repeller (Leandra Medine) and Style Bubble (Susanna Lau). It got me (yet again) thinking, whether people just want to be spooned with photos or rather get something more through well thought articles. Or, you can judge me as a jealous one who is unable to post "beautiful" outfit photos and rather rambles. Who knows.

It is then not so surprising to see how the payment for people in journalism is comparably lower than, say, a photographer. And it is bugging me. Yes, there are some "successful" journalists who make their remarkable way with tons of admiration of the readers and thus receive a healthy amount of remuneration but many have to taste bittersweet side of being a journalist. Do you think that people regard pictures more than words? This argument is for the moment left unanswered, until I am able to prove it myself that producing crafted articles and inspiring pieces worth more, and I can finally leave it at peace.

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