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STORY | Lost in Translation

I'm back! Been away for a work-slash-leisure getaway to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Macau without the companion of my laptop and now I feel happily obliged to share little stories and some photos. Miss me already? :p Truth to be told, my mood has been up and down during the whole trip and I somehow lost my appetite to take pictures due to the gloomy weather and poor quality of the cam (still). My happiest moment was definitely in the Disneyland--wish that I could live there forever (though I would prefer the Paris one :p).

Edited the photos in one blue tone because yes, I am feeling rather blue. LOL. Been through days in a country where you can barely understand what the people say (and sometimes they say things to me assuming that I am also a Chinese) is frustrating. This is not my first time to China but during my trip before I joined a tour and they took care of everything. While now I have got to handle almost everything by my(our)self though I could relax for some days because my sister, who is currently studying in China, came to the rescue.

These photos are all taken in Hong Kong. Too tired to edit the Guangzhou and Macau ones but the photos aren't too smitten so they probably won't end up here.

Actually the deal was to take pictures of the fashion scenes in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, yet I was too excited to shop and left the camera safely in my bag. Snapping street style also seemed like an impossible thing to do since my camera does a poor job of capturing moving things.

Gotta stop my whining here and catch up with all the blogs and TV shows. Until then pals!

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