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HER FLAIR | Middle Length

The praise and adornment of long hair (on woman of course) have somewhat been a parameter of what beauty is. Innumerable shampoo ads which are showing the image of long, silky hair, for instance. That is why I don't go with ON RADAR when putting together this post, because the middle length hair is not merely limited to the notion of beauty from outside, but also from within.

There is this edgy, rather conveniently stylish breeze I obtain from looking at these girls. Their middle length hair isn't identical, but their presence and style are lust worthy. I personally find myself caught in the image of strong, i-don't-care-what-you-say elegance that belong to these personalities.

Middle length hair exposes the shoulders and neck more, and realizing it or not, it can also stimulates an edgier, slightly rebellious, and kooky boyish way when it comes to dressing. You can certainly dismiss what I have said earlier for being highly opinionated, but hair does a major change to a girl. Or probably, I am just tired looking at girls with curled long hair and va-va-voom blow. It is definitely time to chop, let it be super straight, or let it be messy, girl!

image sources (in no particular order): afterDRK, Le Fashion, Blame it on Fashion, tumblr, lookbook

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