After a rough month that circled around starting a time-and-mind consuming job (yes, in a fashion magazine it is), sudden change of someone's heart I thought will never change, consistent daydreaming and not-yet-realized hopes with abundant ideas I cannot wait to spill out, May is...well, May. I have this sudden urge to drop by and tell you all, readers who come accidentally to my blog that I'm alive. And in whatever state I am in, I am aware that blissful adventure is persistently waiting for me as I am in the right path--the right time on the right place.

The above song keeps my night restless (and I can't believe how I weakly used thesaurus to find synonym of alive DUH) and my day soothing. Anyway I have a little surprise I am currently preparing for VOCIFEROUS, so please please please stick around by the end of this bloody yet quirky month, May.

On a fashion-related note, it is somehow refreshing to let myself go to explore my own taste after work, since my energy is somehow absorbed by the "real" world of fashion that is not as nice and tasteful and inspiring as it is portrayed. I have been contemplating how to wear my ripped jeans to work for the past hours so I sneaked into my old Polyvore account and came up with these mixes. Yes yes yes?

Epiphany of Ripped Jeans (1)

Epiphany of Ripped Jeans (2)

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