So this post has actually been planned ever since I received a sweet surprise (an invitation to the show, it was) from Sapto Djojokartiko, a renown Indonesian designer with distinct sense of culture and immaculate details. This time, though, he presented a ready-to-wear collection, after a series of couture and wedding ones.

A missing camera should be an appropriate excuse that the show's photos I took are from my dear Blackberry. The clothes, though, as expected from someone like him, are sharp. Evoking the feminine yet strong aura of a woman, with a dose of cultural influences, Sapto brings velvet red, jet black, and daring gold alive in the womanly shaped dresses and blazers. The see-through skirts are my favourites, dangling the eyes of the beholder to the peeking skin without overly exposing it.

Dark romanticism it is, the story that captures the heart of the viewer and women who wear it. I guess Sapto carries distinct technique in which his ideas are translated sublimely within his designs. There is least doubt that he will make so far as this RTW collection may be the remark of his persistent stamp in fashion industry.

These closer photos are taken from his blog. Guess you should know more about Sapto Djojokartiko this way! :)

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