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Finding how I post less and less is slightly frustrating, though I am yet again still trying to work on a way that this blog will not stuck on presenting alluring pictures but also educating the readers (and, ehm, myself, since I do have to browse and collecting stuffs, you know). When new name emerges in the majestic fashion industry, people will give a glimpse, stay if they are caught in it, curse when it goes the wrong way, and keep silent when it is exponentially good. Say MSGM. The Italian brand kills it in every season yet I haven't really encountered a praise-ful article in the reputable fashion websites (non blogs). So I thought I'll share.

From yellow-ish tone...

...slouch denim...

...brutal mix of patterns (ok, I may exaggerate a bit rite?)...

...the top-pants combo...

...to the minimum cut.

I need not elaborate how each piece stands out or how immaculately kooky the styling is, because good clothes give you the vibe--the experience, the feeling. So here I proclaim to feel innately the elements of MSGM. Won't you?

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