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My camera is found! Buried under the hoard of magazines I own, there it lied helplessly, still fully recharged, my ol' camera. Not the best of its tribe, but still proven useful to produce my own (ahem) images. Thought I will share some new stuffs I own, borrow, and am given. Kinda wish to hop on the holiday trains with no returning tickets when I am compiling my stuffs but guess the time has not arrived yet.

Borrowed the book from a friend, turns out that the story is so enjoyable and inspiring, leaving me thinking about race equality and innocent childhood. Still around 50 more pages to go, though. The necklace and glasses are from a small store carrying all lovely goodies. Mirrored sunglasses are everywhere so I gave it a try.

Meanwhile those earrings are made from cow bones, originated in Bali. Forgot the name of the brand but if you reside in Jakarta, you can find them in Alun-Alun Indonesia. The colourful bracelets are given by my sister as she has just sneaked to Yogyakarta with her friends (envy!). And that little transparent ring is from a lovely Indonesian accessories brand called ROPE.

Anyway, I am planning to fuel this blog more with my own pictures, so please bear with my photographic ability :p

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