Let's be honest. I'm tired. A friend of mine once said that if you have bothering things on your mind, it will be way better to pour it in writing than to keep it to yourself. So here it goes...

It has been a few weeks I am in such un-inspired, lost place. Greatness does not come without a price but I am still wondering myself what causes it. Am I simply physically tired? Am I running out of inspirations? The first one would make the most sense, because inspirations are always abundant for me. Credits to internet for enabling me to do so. Yet, I feel upset for not creating something OUT OF those inspiring pieces. Plans are piling up and they are torturing. I feel like I am creatively dried up with my "real" job and it is definitely bothering me. I feel like a real shame when it comes to VOCIFEROUS, for not bringing the whole vision together. For not putting what is supposed to be running there. I love what I do with it, and I am honestly tired to blame lack of time and energy for my lacking. Some say that if you love it, you will do anything unconditionally. But I guess, I simply need some kind of break. Right? :)

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