Because it is Saturday already and I am starting it by watching Gossip Girl while contemplating about life. I seriously think that the life of the 20s involves tons of thinking, considering, and weighing options--it is natural, they say, but a leap has to be done. Yet again I find my composure in writing and letting my mind off before coming back and pouring thoughts to words. I sniff major decisions will be made within the month of December so cooling down is probably something good to do.

Though I have written a post about black and white photos before, I revisit them this time simply because I find less colours more honest. In a way that our eyes are not distracted by the crowd and sometimes deceiving images, but purely--strikingly to the core of the photos. Writing this, I get sentimental and start contemplating how my life and goals should be in real focus, maybe shutting down some colours will help?

image sources: fuckyeahchair, COS Campaign

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