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THOUGHTS | Revisiting Prada

On to the good ones, it was last Saturday that I plausibly switched my TV to a style network. Then it showed Prada over the years. There were shots after shots of boring and plain collection, with what seemed like never ending conversation about Miuccia's take on simplicity. But then the year turned 2002/2003 and everything was boom. Finally, the colours, proportion, and twists closely associated with the brand appear. With the fall collection that I like the most. It was a good year.

Prada Spring 2003

Prada Fall 2002 

I am therefore thankful for style.com archives back to the year 2000 (a.k.a 12 years ago), perhaps when fashion was not as rigorously commercialized and digitalized as it is now. Nevertheless, the sex, the excitement, the beautiful clothes persist. From a slight observation at Prada's archives I admire the consistency of the brand over decade, not to mention the very similar prints that was on the 2002 collection with the very recent Fall 2012.

Prada Fall 2012

Prada Spring 2002

Do you smell fifties? The odour then blends with Miuccia's authenticity on the house that bears her family name. So in a decade time we can expect another geometric swirl on the runway.

all images are from style.com

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