Starting this new category called "What They Wore" (so if you take a look at my sidebar, all of the posts here are categorized), after I realize that photogenic is not an adjective to describe me. I will definitely consider to share some photos of my outfit in a foreseeable future but for now a corner in vogue.com draws my attention. Have some of you wondered what kind of outfit the Vogue's staffs wear?

One thing for sure, they own designer pieces. I suspect the ease of access as one factor, while peer pressure also accounts for it. Leaving the psychological thing aside, I have to admit that all of their outfits seem well thought, probably because: a. they are about to be photographed with the pictures spread all over the world, b. they have to face a creature named Anna Wintour every single day. Sleek and polished, slightly predictable choices are shown here, I must admit.

Nevertheless, the choices of mixing leather bottoms with vintage-looking tops are pretty smart. It elevates the look effortlessly while gives the vintage take a modern touch. I kinda wish they show breakthrough mix and match with low and high end clothes, in a way that can give more inspiration to me on how to dress to my "fashionable" office. Still, working for Vogue seems like more than decent way of life...

Won't you agree? I might snap some interesting outfit the "fashion insiders" here in Jakarta wear. Please pay attention on the word "might," though. 

images are from vogue.com

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