Over-pouring assertions and opinions and blahs of how fashion editorial should be, how a girl ought to carry herself, how nights and days are filled with youthful dream, not to mention the persistence of procrastination, given that I am not in my celebratory mood, this post will be a small ode to moodboards. Fashion drives us further than we should be, doesn't it? Fashion week is a fiesta, fashion magazine preys commercial and advertorials. Who am I to judge? So just indulge the moment in pretty things. No thinking required, really.

Just when I think I cannot love Proenza Schouler more (liar), my pupils went from tiny to large, in excitement. For the brand I long to have works in their motion, giving luxurious industry looking clothes I did not expect before. Mentioning it again here will not be a crime, I dare say, that the collection is formed as if Jack and Lazarro are given canvases to draw on, but instead of drawing, they restructure the canvas. Little paint here and there is a proof that this is both playful and extra serious job. Bipolar is in, don't you think?

Love, or whatever you refer it to, shows clearly even when you try to conceal it. I have witnessed a small fraction of fashion editorial world in my daily job, and overseen too many people trying to do the same thing. Maybe, just maybe, if someone is willing to step up and produce whatever they want, similar like what I witness in this Maison Kitsune photo, with the slightly blurry, undertone, and vintage-y looking photos, I will feel good. Again.

Come on. There are shows and there are shows. Yes, I firmly believe that without the colour-vaganza and intricate prints, in one way another great clothes will always find their way to the right hands. Just like a great magazine will sneak into the mind of their audience, or a small blog finds a way in their reader's heart. Right? RIGHT? J.W. Anderson has just won an award in the prestigious British Fashion Awards, now his autumnal turn seems to prove that he earns it. I have so much respects for the guy, shying away from the Balenciaga-ish cutting and silhouette, and injecting tons of his. The freshest of the season is emphasized on plain looking clothes with excellent fitting and quirky styling. That orange patch, red slit, and semi-cape top simplify our understanding of fashion.

Something to close the day, would be: You cannot buy great style. You cannot buy great mind. You cannot take both away from anyone.

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