One of the luckiest jobs on earth, I should say, is being a fashion editor. You can throw every piece of desired piece you want, slide swiftly with the style of your own, and no one will scold you for dressing inappropriately. I happen to stumble upon a cute, little, albeit interesting personality, Leaf Greener. Mastering the art of mixing and the art of narrating a cute, memorable name, she excels in street style.

Mixing the formal and casual, playful and feminine, Ms. Greener seems to explore a fashion territory I am worry to delve into: layering. Maybe it is a matter of taste, maybe a certain luck also pushes in, her eyes for everything cute and unattainable to my purse are ephemerally fresh. I wonder what is next for the girl because I see Caroline Issa's path in front of this very young lady.

images are from various tumblrs

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