You might recall a post I wrote some time ago about the rise of fashion weeks in other areas than the big four fashion capitals, in which I mentioned a brand named Back. The edginess and slouch tingle me perfectly, leaving plenty of rooms to love their collection. This, for me, is the future of fashion, where inspiration and mood boards do not play such an important rule anymore, but rather how the clothes can define modern way of dressing. The likes of Celine, Stella McCartney, and Proenza Schouler put forward the new shape of feminine body while put aside the poetic narration. Practicality and individuality are instead celebrated.

Back lives the grunge feeling that belongs only to certain house, combining classic pieces such as oversized t-shirts, suits, and black skirts with contemporary construction and details such as metallic and fish net. My particular love is also bestowed upon their styling, resulting in a fresh take of sporty attitude. Time to dive in their archives of past collections and adopt the style.

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