As fashion becomes more and more liberal, instead of belonging to certain class only, the increasing number of fashion weeks signal that talents are spread, rather than centralized in the fashion capitals only. I really find it harder and harder to catch up with all the new collections being featured, as I find it harder as well to distinguish it all, from season to season, from brand to brand. Just like a nation structure, the more liberal it is, the more party who is in. I wonder whether this liberalization of fashion is permanent or just simply an ongoing trend.

Although I want to start jumping into my long and unsteady opinion on how Berlin and Stockholm are suddenly on the rise, I am quite dizzy already catching up the Couture and Pre-Fall collections. Perhaps clothes are there only to be seen and purchased, then worn, rather than being admired and analyzed. Shall we begin with the highlights?

Hunky Dory

Carin Wester

As soon as I saw Hunky Dory and Carin Wester collections, a phrase circled in my mind. These two should definitely fall under the category of: what Elin Kling would wear. A popular blog-related catch phrase is thus, I can see Elin is all over it. The unusual tailoring over simplicity is what the Scandinavian tribe knows precisely, so no tactical complaint over these two goodies. While I ain't no Elin, I still dig the sweater-over-pants-all-black look for the pointy pumps say it all.

The Local Firm


A swing for some grunge-edgy looks will not hurt. So it be. I have to keep an eye on these two because they exude freshness and fierceness aside from the usual emerging designer's take. The blue dress with beanie from The Local Firm captures the essence of modernity really well, while the overall slouch deserves a head turn, to say the least. And should I even mention that graphic t-shirts rule again? That "back for good" pretty much confirms that "IT IS REALLY HAPPENING people!" in an I-don't-care-way.

Hien Le

Michael Sontag

On to the Germany territory, the two that stood out, both for their feminine approach are Hien Le and Michael Sontag. I vaguely remember the time Hien Le came to Jakarta Fashion Week but his presence is somehow left after I saw his working space during my aimless browsing session. To sum it up, Hien Le got the simple silhouette with beautiful fabric going on, while Michael Sontag attempted a more serene look that reminds me a bit of the Olsen's The Row. 

So, what say you about these rising names? I hereby have to deliver my gratitude to style.com for putting the pictures for my pleasurable viewing and commentary. 

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