In the big wave of everything Japanese, I never have thought that I would fall in their fashion sense. Although Japan is perceived as one of the capitals of fashion in Far East, I always think that they take it too far--too much styling, too many colours, way too heavy attitude. Niko and... has changed my mind, seeing how they incorporate each piece into a solid mix has made me grown a liking towards how easy and effortless what seems like everyday basics being put together. Here I have assembled some looks from their 30 Days Coordinate Project, those I utterly crave for.

The ooze of simplicity and comfort draw me in, something that is definitely in line with what I believe fashion is all about. What we wear should portray our "inner side" while we have to feel comfortable and confident in it. The lack of makeup and hairdo in each photo, although all of them are months apart, even highlight the light mood better, delivering such a warm and happy feeling. Women, thus, are in no need to bundle themselves in tight-fitting clothes and painful heels, when they can look even prettier in everyday basics.

I also admire the layering tricks and endless use of scarfs used throughout the lookbook. Remember that each photo is actually styled by different stylists (all are Japanese, I assume), yet there are conformity and a coherent aesthetic approach in every different month. From there on, I conclude that a solid foundation of a wardrobe should consist of a parka jacket (slightly oversized), stripe shirts (sleeveless, short sleeved, or long sleeved), a vast variety of scarfs, basic white, blue, and black shirts, loose dresses (you can dress them up or down), fitted trousers in neutral colours (I would go for white, blue, and black--again), A-line skirt, and a blazer.

Okay, I guess I went a little overboard by posting so many photos here. They can be my go-to reference whenever I open my wardrobe and feel a little lost in there. A major thanks to Miss Moss for posting about this Japanese goodies, otherwise I would never throw a hitch to them. Or Japanese fashion in general. Wouldn't this be a nice reminder of how pretty diversity is?

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